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My graphics use

LinkedIn Campaigns

Role: Writer & Illustrator

To connect my love of words, social change, and illustration, I post articles and insights on both LinkedIn & Medium. And because I believe in the power of visuals, you can bet they are always included! Here are a few examples, and see my LinkedIn & Medium pages for more! 

UNLEASH Social Media

The following posts were my favourite to design while managing the social media for UNLEASH, a global youth innovation program. This campaign, and others like it, aimed to establish a solid but careful position on delicate topics. Including “the gender spectrum” and dress-free female figures were essential aspects of this message.

Role: Lead Designer / Content Creator

World Bank TFSCB Report

One of my most extensive projects was the World Bank’s report on their Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building. As the sole designer, I created the visual identity, layout, typography, icons, and infographics for a 50-page report summarizing the work of the fund’s most effective projects. I additionally acted as the copy editor and final reviewer for the entire report and packaging to the client.

The greatest challenge of this project was navigating and responding to a large number of stakeholders. These included the project manager, various content writers, and the client’s entire team, all of whom were involved in each iteration of the 20+ case studies to provide feedback on the content and design. This meant constantly adapting the design to increasing and decreasing content, as well as making microscopic changes to icons and infographics while also sketching out ideas for the infographics of the next case.  

While the final design may not have been what I originally envisioned, I gained more valuable satisfaction from the successful appeasement of all parties involved.

Role: Lead Designer & Copy Editor

Youth Business International Comic

This project, for a report on Youth Business International (YBI), was intended as a fun and simplified way of expressing their methodology and connecting with potential entrepreneurs who may feel disempowered. The use of an obstacle-ridden, individual journey compared to the guided conversations with YBI from one small hill to another was used to show the difference between the processes, with YBI or without.

While a very simple design, this project allowed me to have the most fun as the final design was the third or fourth iteration, radically different from those prior. This project allowed me to return to the drawing board, again and again; an opportunity which I will never take for granted.

20210423_YBI 1- Entrepreneur Journey.png
20210423_YBI 6 - In business.png

Role: Lead Designer / Illustrator / Copywriter

Yes, of course there is more!

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